Are you want to download the paid android games without any cost from the google play store? don’t worry there are many ways to download the paid android games freely from the google play store. There are many shortcuts for downloading the software games via online.

In a present generation, not body use a normal phone, all of us use only Android based smart phones and even children can operate a smart phones which are operated under the Android operating system. The most advance thing while using the android based smart phone, you can download any of the new games you want from the google play store.

Google play store is also one of the Android app which is provide by the google company and offers you to download any of the android games by means of synchronizing with your Google e-mail account. One person can able use only one account in the google play store by means of synchronizing it with a google account.

Some words about the google play store app:

Google play store is a simple and effective app which contains a list of all kind of apps like,

  • device management apps,
  • music apps,
  • and in-app items.

You can purchase all these apps via google play store. You can able to see all those apps and games which you had forgotten to bought and you can also able to find how much amount you need to spend for downloading the paid apps.

Features of a google play store:

  • This apps shows you a Lists apps, books, devices, in-app purchases and you can able to buy anything you’ve bought from google apps.
  • you can able to Sums up what you’ve spent while purchasing the apps,
  • the apps downloaded from google play store are Order by name, price or date when you bought that app.
  • this app is a Export to CSV
  • it will designed in a manner to Support for multiple google accounts in a single device.
  • the apps downloaded and Installed from the google play apps are marked with green tick symbol, you can able to See app name, icon, by date, and price for each item in the listed view in home page of this app.
  • most important thing is that, even though the google apps allows you to download both paid and free games from this store, this is totally 100% free app. And unlike other free apps, in the google play store apps, you can disable the adds.

There are many ways to download the google apps and the google apps offers you two kind of games download such as free android games download and paid android games download.

If you want to download any of the free games from the google play store without paying money and they may have a adds in it and some little features which are less than the paid android games.

On the other hand, the paid android games allows you only to download the games after paying the money. If you not transfer the money to the play store account, you cannot able to download it. A thing to note here is most of the professional and official android games are available with only paid mode of android games download.

This is consider as one of the disadvantage while downloading the games from the android play store because paying money for the android apps is not a recommended method,

For example, if a person needs to download any specified Android game from the google play store account which is a paid android game,  he or she has to pay money for that. In case of he or she does not have a online money transaction account then he or she can’t able to download that app from the google app store.

On the other hand, even though you are having a online money transaction account, if you are not having a enough money to pay for downloading the Android game, you are not able to download it.

In some other cases, some of the people needs an android for only one-time use and for that they need to pay money for downloading it. Most of the people are wont prefer these kind of downloads which wastes your money. But at point of compulsion, they have to download that game.

For helping these kind of peoples, most of third party apps will allows you to download paid android games for free. All you need to do is you have to download any of the third party android app and by that way, you can get a link with a google play store account and there you can download the Android games in a free of cost way.

Here is a simple steps to download any of the games from the google play store,

  • Go to the official website of the google play store,
  • Click the link to download the google play store app in your android app,
  • It will ask you to accept the terms and conditions to before downloading the google app store,
  • You need to accept it and click the next button,
  • Now you download will get start,
  • After completing the download process you need to install the google play store on your device.
  • Now you can open the google play store app and download any other android app which you want in your android device.

Apart from the direct downloading of android apps from google play store, you can able to download the apps from third party android apps also, these kind of apps will provide you many features while downloading the games and some time they may offer you a paid android games in a free cost which is available in the google play store app.

Only one demerit with downloading the apps from these kind of third party apps is, it may little bit different from the original version of your paid android game which is downloaded from the google store directly.

Here is one of the example of third party android app download provider, which gives you a way to download the android games as same as from the google play store.

Google play free app of the week:

This is also a android app which is provided by the Google company. The google play store can be taken as a leaf out of the Amazon’s book and introduced a free app of the week promotion, where previously paid for an app which is available for nothing.

It done a rubbish job of promoting it via and hidden away where the customers are unlikely to stumble across it.

If you want to access the google play free app of the week, you can use your device to visit the family section of the google play store. Before that, you should see the banner which promising a free app of the week.

If you tap it you will see an installation dialogue box which tells that the app is free for that week and what the normal cost of that app. Now you can download it freely.

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