EOS (EOS SAMA, LLC.) is a producer and publisher of innovative board-games, role-playing games, and Intellectual Property. Our games are vehicles to tell stories and allow players to “live” within the story world.

EOS started off as Hobgoblin Press, formed in 2001 by Mr. Syn Chen. In 2010, the company re-incorporated as EOS SAMA, with Mr. Jesse Covner as partner. The new company has a more international focus; we release games in Asian as well as Western markets. After re-incorporation, EOS’s first published product was Nobilis: The Essentials. Nobilis is an innovative, dice-less “pen & paper” role-playing game in which players take on the role of an awakened “Power” or god. Nobilis was written and designed by Ms. Jenna Morran, an experienced game designer / writer who has worked on RPG products for the last 15 years. Our second product in 2011 is called Legends of the Wulin; LOTW is an wuxia-genre RPG. Players enter the Martial Arts World to roam the land, seeking fame, fortune, and over-the-top adventure.

EOS has since published several board-games, card-based games, and pen-and-paper RPGs. All of our products are extremely innovative, creative, and “off-beat”. The games which excite us are a little “off the beaten path.” EOS creates and publishes original games and licensed games. Our design philosophy is to create worlds and stories that fit within the worlds, then create systems that support players’ exploration in the world. EOS values creativity, originality, trust, and respect. We aim to provide our ideas to those who really appreciate our vision, instead of pushing bland products into the market. We will always work to strengthen the gaming community and channel partners who share our values.

EOS Staff and Parnters



Hsin Hong Chen – Syn Samma – EOS Founder

Founder of EOS, our fearless leader hails from Taiwan and was schooled in Seattle; incessantly obsessive over high quality games and entertainment products, he is ready to lead EOS like a soaring dragon into greater and greater heights.
Jesse Covner – The Hitman.
Not much is known about the shadowy CEO of EOS. The public record indicates that he used to work on top secret marketing projects for Silicon Valley technology companies before disappearing, and then reappearing in China as a “management consultant”. Jesse is a practicing the art of “The Dao of Anger Management”. He is currently also training his children in the Ways of the Ninja.

In 2013, EOS partnered with Beijing-based “Chamber of Etherial Culture” (WuMiaoTang in Chinese, hence also known as “WMT”).  WMT is owned by Bill Yu and Jim Ji, two gamers extrordinair.  WMT is the the primary design house of the “Demonslayer” game which EOS is publishing an English language varient of in Fall, 2014.  WMT helps EOS with playtesting and many other services within Asian markets.  Most importantly, Chamber of Etherial Culture shares EOS’s vision for bringing unique and original intellectual property and game design to international markets.

Dr. Jenna Moran – Not Actually Qualified to Perform Surgery
There’s such a thing as truth, I think; as reality; but it’s an elusive and slippery creation. That means that it’s up to us to see the good, until we can find it; to see love, until it shows itself to us; to see righteousness in the things around us, rather than trying to claim it for ourselves. So I’m not terribly interested in what you know about me. I’ll tell you what I am. I’m someone who thinks that you are cool. I was born to love the infinity of things, even the awful ones, and I hope you’ll try it too.
We have the pleasure and honor to announce that famed RPG designer Dr Jenna Moran, formerly known as Rebecca Borgstrom, creator of one of the most innovative and original games of recent history; Nobilis, Is now an exclusive writer for EOS. Besides the highly anticipated Third Edition of Nobilis, EOS will also be publishing her prose in Hitherby Dragons collected volumes.

David Ramirez – Wandering Blade
After seeing a plaque on a temple in the Old City of Lijiang China, about an ancient poet described as a “professional traveler, writer and drinker”, this is the way David decided to define himself, Mexican by birth, Wuxia wandering hero by heart, David is taking his position as the Game Project Manager at EOS, to fulfill his overwhelming purpose of storming the entertainment world.