We are happy to announce that Legends of the Wulin pre-sales will start on December 15th…next Wednesday… and will last until the end of December.  Legends of the Wulin special pre-sales book will include a complete, downloadable PDF version of the game, available immediately after purchase.  We intend to make an “ePub” version available for pre-sales customers, but this will not be available until beginning of January. We will also insert into the book a small poster art from Li Chang (the LOTW artist), signed by the himself, and the writers: Arik Ten Broeke, David Ramirez, and Jerry Sköld.

We will airmail out Legends of the Wulin pre-sales version to direct to customers in approximately 45 days after the the pre-sales period ends.  The pre-sales price will be $65 (includes international shipping). Regular retail price will be $44.95, but does not include extras (PDF, signed art, etc)

Legends of the Wulin

Enter Shen Zhou: a land filled with challenge and adventure, based on an Ancient China that never was. Join the Martial Arts World to roam the land as a Wandering Blade with a shining sword as your only companion; a Traveling Monk searching for enlightenment through the path of Kung Fu; a Noble Courtier whose words are as powerful as his Chi; or a Daoist Scholar seeking to understand the higher mysteries of the world.

In these pages you will find.

  • A brand new Wuxia setting full of history, locations, treasures and mysteries.
  • Loresheets that provide useful story hooks and advantages while tying characters to the setting background.
  • Eight new organizations of the Martial Arts world for beginner characters to chose from, from warrior monks to kung fu beggars.
  • A revised Wuxia Action System, designed for high flying Kung Fu action.
  • Brand new Martial Art Styles ranging from powerful but simple forms to earth shaking Chi-based attacks.
  • The powerful Secret Arts a system that allows characters to manipulate the human body, passions and emotions, the flow of battle, and even predict the future.
  • An array of sample characters and factions, to use as allies or enemies, or to serve as inspiration to create your own.

Leave the mundane world behind and join the Wulin, a world where your destiny will be decided by the fire of your passions, and the strength of your Kung Fu. Face the challenges ahead if you have the courage and become a legend that would live forever in the history of the Shen Zhou.

It’s a wonderful time to be a hero!

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