• Nobilis

    Nobilis — By Dr Jenna Moran. Brought to you by EOS .

    Nobilis: the Essentials, Volume 1: Field Guide to the Powers introduces you to a world of wonders and horrors touching ever so lightly on the world you know.

    This book is a sweeping guide to the secrets of the Nobilis and includes a fully-featured diceless roleplaying game for those who wish to live among them.

  • Legends of Wulin

    Legends of the Wulin — By David Ramirez, Arik Ten Broeke and Jerry Sköld. Brought to you by EOS.

    Enter Shen Zhou: a land filled with challenge and adventure, based on an Ancient China that never was.

    Join the Martial Arts World to roam the land as a Wandering Blade; a Traveling Monk; a Noble Courtier; or a Daoist Scholar

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